Makala Series Ukulele by Kala Brand

Exotic Mahogany Series

These mahogany ukes feature an exotic look and sound at a down to earth price point.

They feature beautiful grain patterns that vary from wavy to curly, flamed to figured, and spotted to straight grain. They have a full bodied tone.


Available in:
Soprano: KA-SEM (optional colors) - $137.99
Concert: KA-CEM (optional colors) - $171.99
Concert with EQ: KA-CEME - $244.99
Tenor: KA-TEM - $196.99
Tenor with EQ: KA-TEME - $279.99
Featuring GraphTech NuBone - Kala Ukes

Kala KA-SEM (and optional colors)

Exotic Mahogany Soprano ukulele by Kala Brand Music. Available in natural, blue, green, and magenta.

Kala KA-CEM (and optional colors)

Kala Concert size ukulele in Exotic Mahogany


Kala KA-CEME Concert ukulele with electronics

Kala KA-TEM (and optional colors)

Kala KA-TEM Tenor Exotic Mahogany Uke


Kala KA-TEME Exotic Mahogany Tenor Ukulele with pickup and built in tuner